Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

By Jesse Marie Scott Spencer

Merry Christmas one and all! It's been a fantastic day. Noel woke me up this morning with breakfast in bed - of course, every morning is breakfast in bed for me...LOL!

We watched T.V. all day long filled with loads of holiday fun. It’s a tradition; we watch the four holiday classics: It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, A Charlie Brown Christmas and How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It’s a Wonderful Life starts off during breakfast, and when we’ve finished it, we open presents.

HO HO HO! LOL! What a riot...! That was my gag gift.

He’s lugs around this big camera, and that’s great for our videos we make. Hi def and all, but this is a
cute, little camera for quick shots. It’s also a little present for me. I told him when he goes out, he can take shots of the neighborhood, or the city, and when he comes home, I can do a quick upload to my computer and check out the world.

Noel, made me a new negligee for my present. I knew he’d been making it – it’s hard to keep something like that secret in a small apartment like ours. I could hear the sewing machine chugging away after he thought I’d gone to sleep. It’s pink with white lace. You’ll all get a peak of it soon. We’re getting ready to make a new video, and I told Noel I would wear it. Before we do that, though, Noel’s going to get his own private show (he’s got dibs...he is my husband after all!).

After presents, Noel rustled up some lunch while I watched A Christmas Story. It’s not his favorite. I think he had a bad experience with a BB gun in the past – LOL! Lunch was our annual tradition – fondue! Noel set up four different fondue pots around me: oil, veggie broth, cheese, and of course, chocolate! Noel dipped and fed me all sorts of fun foods. My fave was oranges in the chocolate – DE-lish!

We watched The Grinch and Charlie Brown during lunch, and by the time we got to the end of Charles Schultz’s masterpiece, we were making out like teenagers. I KNOW! It felt like when I was a kid, kissing with Terry Harris from next door. He’d come over to watch movies in our basement with that old wood paneling on the walls, and we would st
ar making out. My mom would come downstairs to “do laundry” every 15 minutes or so. Little did she know, there’s a lot you can do in 15 minutes when you’re 15 years old...LOL!!

Things got pretty messy with the cheese and chocolate (hehe), so Noel gave me a sponge bath. (He’s super duper!)

Noel was pretty exhausted, and he fell asleep in the recliner next to my bed. He’s snoring away as I type my Season’s Greetings. Check him out: