Friday, May 1, 2009

Survey Says…

By Noel Spencer

Hello all, I just want to thank you all for your support. Jesse’s last post summed up my feelings very well, and I didn’t chime in because I felt she covered it. She’s much better at expressing her feelings than I am, but please know I sincerely appreciate your generosity.

Jesse asked you for suggestions for our next video, and you all had so many great ideas about what the next video should be, and to thank you all we are making a video from suggested by our friend, Zach. He wanted a force-feeding video that implements a machine. So, I did it. I built a feeding machine, and we’re making new video “Machine Me”. We are going to use it every day for 30 days and see how much weight Jesse can gain. It will be a very interesting experiment, and I cannot wait to discover how many pounds she puts on.

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