Sunday, March 1, 2009

Channel Surfing

By Jesse Marie Scott Spencer

Sometimes it’s hard being in the bed all the time. But Noel knows how to make me feel comfortable. He is the only man to ever really get me. He knows I like to watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and The Amazing Race on Sundays at eight. He even got me two TVs with two remotes. I know, they got those new fangled TVs, and you can watch two shows at once. I get the main show on the screen and a little box in the corner with the second one going. But that would hurt my eyes. It was also too expensive to be getting headaches over! So Noel went out and got me a second TV. Cost half what those fancy ones do. I can have one clicker in my right hand and one in my left hand. I can watch two shows at once. Noel also got me the DVR, so I could time delay my shows. I start both shows at the same time, but pause one of them. I know I can record one and watch it later. Sometimes I do that. But watching two TVs at once is an art. When one goes to commercial, you pause it, and start the second. By the time you finish the teaser for the second show, the first is back from commercial. Pause #2 again, and so forth and so on. I give whole new meaning to the term “channel surfing.”

Noel makes my room feel like a sanctuary. Like we worship here. It's a sacred little place for only us. We kick back, relax and watch a few shows in one night. If I'm not on the internet writing something for you to read, I'm keeping up with my shows. I liked that show Heroes. It was great when they were all discovering new powers they got. There's this one lady, skinny little *itch, she's got two personalities. One is good, and one is bad. The bad one has super human strength. I can relate to her. Not that I have super human strength, but I do feel like I have two sides to my personality. I feel like I’m two different people. There’s how most people see me. Big. Well, too big. But, when I'm on line, chatting with all of you. I feel sexy and beautiful. I feel like that skinny *itch on that show. Unstoppable. Like I could take on the world.

Courtesy The Big Beautiful Wonder Woman Blog

What makes you feel like you could take on the world?

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