Saturday, August 22, 2009


By Jesse Marie Scott Spencer

The air conditioner blew. My air conditioner. It is so frigging hot. Yesterday it was 88 degrees, and today it is suppose to hit 90. I don’t know if I can stand it. I can barely sleep, I’m so hot. The sweat is just dripping off me.

Noel has been a sweetheart, as per usual. He’s brought in a cool bowl of water and sponged me all over to cool me off twice already today, and it’s not even noon. He put all the fans we have in the house onto me, and he’s out now heading into P.C. Richard and Son to get me a new air conditioner. I hope he gets back soon. I can stand it when he’s gone for too long.

I think if I had to choose, I’d prefer it to be too cold than too hot. At least, when it’s too cold, Noel will just pile me up with covers and hot water bottles. And he cuddles with me. I love it when he cuddles with me. He’s like my own little bed warmer.

When it’s as excruciatingly hot as I am right now, all you can do is take off as many clothes as you can, but once you’re naked, you’re naked. You can’t take off any more layers than that.

Noel says he doesn’t mind when it’s hot, of course. He gets to see me laying around in the altogether all day long. He adores feeding me ice cream and popsicles and all sorts of cold treats. That’s tops. I LOVE licking the popsicle and putting it all over my body. Cools me right now. Unfortunately, it heats Noel right up, and we’re right back where we started:

Sweaty and hot.

Though, I do find my self-feeling much happier than before our feeding….

Oh! Noel just returned with the new A/C! Super duper! Maybe I’ll write more after I’ve had a chance to let my brain cool down.


  1. Jealous of that popsicle!

  2. Anonymous12:49:00 PM

    What Noel said...

  3. You killing me over here!

  4. Super Sexy...